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Where do you get your ideas?
About half the ideas come out of my head. The others are inspired by suggestions from this site, my presentations, friends, or postal workers.

Does the post office ever say anything?
Occasionally, if we send something really whacky. The most common question is “why would someone mail this“. After explaining, they are usually pretty amused and start offering suggestions or fun stories.

Most of the time, they deliver the item without saying anything.

Do you want us to mail you things?
No, not really. Only if you know me personally. My mailbox is pretty small and fills quickly. When it does, I have to take off work and stand in line to get my mail. It blows almost two hours.

How does one become a recipient of strange mailings?
I do like fan (e)mail and will often send something. I’ll probably do some strange holiday cards this year, so everyone on my mailing list will get something.

Do you have a lot of time on your hands?
Not as much as you might think. I’ve been doing this for several years. I usually do a batch of tests every 6 months or so. The homepage has 3 years of highlights.

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